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Radio Algeria - English

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My very first horror comic and anthology. Inspired by Twilight Zone, SCP Foundation, Junji Ito, and Cosmic horror stories. Narrated in form of a fictional late night radio show. Set in late 2010s Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Hosted by Miss Algeria Rei.
Originally written in Indonesian and for Indonesian readers. You can read the whole 40 episodes of the anthology in : INKR Toomics Lalatoon
I will definitely remake this series in near future.
You can also read the first story—“Forbidden Dawn”— for free below. The version on my site is in black and white, standard paper format and with “better” English translation which reflect my intended vision. It’s about a group of student encountering strange tradition during their field study.
Trigger Warning : Certain episodes contain disturbing imagery, violence, and/or trauma inducing materials.

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